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Day Care

Bae Tails (309 E 60th st)

Bae Tails has a spacious 1200 sq. ft ground floor and 1000 sq ft backyard, allowing dogs of all sizes to play safely and have a plenty of exercise throughout the day. We can feed you pup at no charge, just provide the labeled food bag. Follow us on IG @Bae.Tails.

Hours of operation (Winter/Spring 2021): Mon – Fri: 8am – 7pm, excluding holidays. If you need to bring your pup before 8am, pick up after 7pm, need boarding, or a day care during weekends and holidays, we will be happy to accommodate at our East 80th St location.

Requirements: Before we start, we will do a 4 hour personality trial, collect up to date vaccination records, and a day care/boarding application. All dogs must be up to date on vaccinations and spayed/neutered by 9 months old.

 A la carte: $47
Half day (up to 5 hrs): $33
 Hourly rate: $10

10 days: $440 ($44/day)
20 days: $820 ($41/day)
30 days: $1140 ($38/day)
40 days: $1400 ($35/day)
50 days: $1600 ($32/day)
100 days: $2500 ($25/day)
10 half days: $310 (31/
20 half days: $580 (29/
30 half days: $810 (27/
40 half days: $1000 (25/

  • All packages expire 6 months from the first use.
  • Packages must be prepaid before the first visit. If you need to cancel your package, we can do it any time before the expiration date, in that case all used day care visits will be charged at a la carte pricing ($47).     
  • Don’t see a package that fits your needs? Inquire about custom packages.                                      

Extra charges:
• Please add $5 per day for all federal holidays and holiday weekends. 
• Extra pup is 25% off. 
• Please note all prices are subject to NY Sales Tax $8.875
• Late pick ups $10 (between 7:05-8pm). After 8pm, we will be taking all remaining pups to E 80th st location to spend the night with us.

Pick up and drop off:
Zone 1: Up to 5 street blocks  and 1.5 ave blocks: $8 one way, $15 both ways.
Zone 2: Up to 12 street blocks  and 2.5 ave blocks: $11 one way, $20 both ways.
Zone 3: Up to 18 street blocks and 5.5 ave blocks: $14 one way, $26 both ways.

Please note: time for pick ups are scheduled between 7-10am and drop offs are between 5-8pm. For picks ups and drop offs during other times, weekends, holidays and random day care: starting $12 one way.

Pick up/ drop off cancelation policy: Full price will be applied if we come for a pick up or start a drop off and the service is not needed, and $8 late if a pick up or a drop off is not canceled by 10pm the night before.

NY Tails (318 E 80th st)

Our home based doggy day care and boarding offers individual attention tailored to a very limited amount of pooches spending a day and night together. Every pup here can enjoy a large yard covered with special dog friendly turf, playtime with their friends, naps on comfortable beds, and breakfast/dinner upon request.

Hours of operation: 7am-10pm Monday through Sunday.

Requirements: Before we start, we will do a 4 hour personality trial, collect up to date vaccination records, and a New York Tails day care/boarding application.

Boarding (318 E 80th st)


• We count boarding days by 24 hour periods starting from the time your pooch arrives. Depending on the time of your pick up, your pup might have half days, which are priced as day care.

• Boarding is $65 for 24 hrs, half days and day care are $35-40 for up to 12 hrs.

• Please add $10 per day for all federal holidays and weekends.

• Do you have more than 1 dog? Extra dogs are 50% off.

Pick up and drop offs: starting $15 one way. Cab fees might also apply.

Cancelations: $65 if cancelled less than 24 hours before the boarding time.

Boarding through federal holidays:  If you already booked your boarding and need to move the time to arrive at a later time, or to end the boarding at an earlier time, we ask for 24 hour notice before the originally scheduled time in order to adjust the price.

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