Puppy Care

Just added a new puppy to the family? Congratulations! There’s nothing better than welcoming a fuzzy new friend into your home. But now what? Having a new pup can be a bit overwhelming, even for the most seasoned pet owner. Never fear- New York Tails is here! Let us help your puppy grow and develop in a fun, loving, and structured environment. We work with you and your growing family to find a schedule that caters to your lifestyle. And of course, we’ll be sure to give them tons of kisses and cuddles for their cuteness and great behavior.

Paulo, a dog-expert and the owner of NY Tails, is more than happy to arrange a complimentary puppy meeting to go over all your needs and preferences, how to puppy-proof your home, and how to build a daily schedule that ensures your pup gets proper, tender loving care with fitting relief times.

We will create a schedule that will go hand in hand with your vets recommendations and your daily activities.

In the beginning, it’s essential to schedule a higher number of short walks, but as your puppy grows and her bladder control becomes better, you can decrease the number of walks and opt for fewer yet longer outings.  These are great for getting in that much needed exercise and help to improve your pup’s social skills.

Rates for 16+ walks a month*:

15 min 30 min 45 min 60 min
Private walks $12 $17 $22 $27

Our commitment


Taking your puppy out of their crate or pen and placing on wee-wee pads; or taking outside to do their business, followed by a reward for a job well done with a treat approved by you.


Taking your pup back home and wiping paws and tushy.


Feeding, giving a kong and offering water before placing your doggie back in the crate or pen.


Replacing and cleaning up soiled wee-wee pads.


If your puppy can’t go outside yet, we can play and walk them on a leash inside the apartment or hallway, in order for them to start learning leash etiquette.

  • Really reliable and dog loving people. We have used them for walking as well as daycare and boarding. All walkers are great and keep you posted after every walk. Scheduling is easy and rates are affordable. Our puppy has grown up with them since he was 4 months!