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Our dog walkers

Every member of our team must attend an extensive educational program where they learn:

Dog Walking

Approaching another dog while on a walk

Dog Walking

Avoiding a potentially harmful situation

Dog Walking

Handling food and/or accidents in the house

Dog Walking

Being mindful and attentive of the dog’s behavior and well being

Dog Walking

Reading and understanding a dog’s body language and behavior

Dog Boarding Services Upper East Side

Most importantly, our dog walkers share our love for pets and our commitment to our clients.

Meet Our Team


I was raised in Chicago but organically from New York. Once I completed high school in Brooklyn I then went on to college to studied to become a medical assistant. I’ve always had dogs and cats around me from a young age. I’ve had my lovely dog for the last 15 years(and counting). I would pet sit for friends and family regularly. When I’m not at work I spend my time cooking and baking. I also enjoy exploring the city with friends and finding new restaurants. My favorite part about working with different pets is they always bring so much joy to my day, No matter how I feel they put me in the best mood. It’s also a great source of exercise!


Greg’s love for dogs started at a young age when his family rescued a Greyhound pup in the small Massachusetts’s town where he grew up. Out of all his brothers, he was the one who bonded the most with the dog, taking him on walks around the neighborhood and almost everywhere else he went.

When he got older, Greg moved to NYC and he’s been here for the past 6 years. Outside NY Tails, he’s a DJ for the Midnite Monster Hop at Otto’s Shrunken Head in Manhattan, which is also part of a 30s inspired horror show that projects movies and sketches. He’s an avid record collector as well.

According to Greg, the best part of dog walking is the bond he develops with all dogs. “It’s always a joy and a good laugh with all of their unique personalities.” he says.


 Born: Bronx, N.Y.

Drey has 10+ years working in the pet care industry.

He got into this industry because of his immense love for all types of animals.

One of the many positive experiences Drey has acquired while being a handler is reading a dogs body language and having the ability to deal with all types of temperaments and behaviors.

Since Drey recently moved back to NY from Florida, his ideal day off includes spending quality time with family and enjoying watching them spoil and pamper Drey’s fur baby named Halo.


Born and raised in Brooklyn. Made in ’84.
I have always liked dogs, but didn’t know I had a love for them until my first chaotic, and equally heartwarming first day walking dogs some 16 years ago.
The bonds formed with our canine friends and family are just as precious as those formed with our human counterparts.
My personal interests reside in the realms of poetry(writing), instrumentation (listening), cooking, reading, and I dabble in fitness. This job is quite fulfilling depending on the type of person you are!


My parents are from the Dominican Republic but I was born and raised here in NY, where I graduated from high school. I fell in love with animals from a very early age since my parents had a family dog and then a cat. My older siblings had pet pups and once I was old enough I got my own cat which eventually birthed 2 litters in my bedroom. I am currently working with Ny Tails and when I’m not working I am with family and friends. I like playing video games and sports especially basketball. I really love all kinds of music and produce beats in my free time.

My favorite part about dog walking is having the ability to walk with your cute furry boss and having a fun adventure every time.


I was born in Colombia, but grew up in Long Island. Having been a lifelong dog owner, I have personally experienced the profound bond that exists between humans and animals. this lead me to acquire a certification as a Veterinary Assistant from Nassau Boces Berry Tech. Although I don’t currently have a furry companion of my own, my work brings me immense fulfillment. Every day, I have the privilege of nurturing and strengthening the connection between pet owners and their cherished animals, which fills my heart with joy. Additionally, I am actively pursuing a career in the field of solar energy, aiming to contribute to a more sustainable future. Fitness holds a significant place in my life, as I recognize its positive impact on overall well-being. Furthermore, I have found solace and self-expression through drawing, which serves as a personal outlet for me. By striving to make a positive impact on the lives of animals, promoting a sustainable future, and embracing the wonders of nature and self-expression


I was born and raised in Long Island and had moved to Astoria soon after college to be closer to the city for work. My main focus and college degree is in Graphic Design. So in my free time I am either doing freelance work for companies in redesigning their logos, business cards, or websites. In addition, one of my favorite hobbies is redesigning my favorites bands or songs album covers.

I discovered my love for dogs when I had got my first puppy in 2009. In those amazing thirteen and a half years, she helped me realized that I could not live life without being around dogs. I also foster dogs and take care of dogs that come from Texas and Oklahoma.

My favorite part about dog walking is building a relationship with the dogs I walk and spending time with them overall. I feel throughout my experience that dogs warm up to me easily because of my relaxed and mellow personality.


Lucas calls NYC home because even though he was born in Mexico, he was raised here. He graduated high school no too long ago and he hopes to continue his studies in the future. Before applying to NY Tails, Lucas had only had personal experience with his own two dogs but in the time he’s been working with the company and our team, he’s learned a lot from the training and guidance provided. In his free time, Lucas likes to relax and spend time with his family and his daughter.

He’s currently a full time NY Tails team member and he’s always eager to help.”Working with pets is the best, I simply love them!” he says. To him, the best part of his day is that great feeling of being met at the door by the pups with a loving face and absolute excitement. “You can’t help but get attached”.


I’m from Colombia, and have been living in New York for the last 13 years. I finished high school in Colombia on 2005, and I studied Bookkeeping in 2017 at La Guardia Community College.

NY Tails is my first “professional experience” with dogs, but I’ve always lived with dogs back in my country. I had a Labrador for 12 years and poodles and I know what having a pet means for a family.

I’m am also a mom. I love to take care of my 9 yo, that is my favorite hobby 😉.

What I love about animals is that they never judge and are always there for you no matter what.


I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY with my parents and older sister. I went to Delhi University as well as Stony Brook University in New York.
I grew up with animals all my life and cared for two toy poodles and a cat. I also worked as an animal care volunteer at the NY Aquarium.
When I’m not working, I like to read and go hiking. I have my Bachelor’s degree in Marine Science and I’m pursuing a career as a zoologist. I also work on Saturdays as a receptionist.
My favorite part about working with dogs is the bond I get to create with dogs I’m working with! There is no greater feeling than building a friendship with a pup and learning their personality!


I’m a born and raised New Yorker. I studied Film and Media Production at Bronx Community College and Creative Writing at City College.

My family had a lot of pets growing up. Dogs, cats, turtles, hamsters, and even a rabbit. I love animals and I’ve been around them my whole life.

In my spare time I make short films and music videos with my friends. I also host a monthly movie night in Brooklyn. Once a month our club gathers and I curate a night of movies and drinks.

The best part of dog walking, besides the exercise and enjoying nature, is making friends with so many dogs. My heart is warmed every time I pick up a dog and they’re excited to see me.


Born: Bronx, NY

Quamel has 2 year experience in pet care industry.

He’s always loved animals since being a child and had dreams of being a zoologist or veterinarian. The role of being a dog handler came naturally for him.

Some positive experiences Quamel has gained in his role of dog handler is learning all the distinct character traits that certain breeds have and knowing that each day is never the same as the last.

Quamel has found being around dogs is quite therapeutic at times because of the strong connection that is formed.

An ideal day for Quamel would include skateboarding and gaming. Quamel best describes himself as a curious person who loves constantly learning and discovering things all the time


I’m originally from Brazil but I’ve been in New York for 9 years now.

Everyone in my family is an animal lover, but dogs are our favorite for sure. I grew up with dogs and at one point we had 4 dogs in the house, as each member of my family had their own pup.

My husband and I are motorcycle enthusiasts and we love to take long trips on our Harley.
I have a degree in business, but when I moved to NY the opportunity of working with dogs presented itself and I took it right away. I’m very glad I did. It’s very rewarding to be around animals in general, but dogs make it especially rewarding as they give so much love and they are always there for you!


After working on Wall Street for 30+ years, I started dog walking to keep myself active. When I started 10 years ago, I didn’t realize just how much I would love it. I have learned many things about the pups, especially the different personalities. Each pup has their own little quirk that makes them special. I enjoy my time with all the pups I meet. I get to have fun and build relationships with each and every pup I spend time with.

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