Application for
Cats Visits

Cat Day Care

Care instructions

Before we begin, please include all information and detailed instructions in the application. If you want to add or change any information, we require all corrections/updates to be emailed to We we are not responsible for misinterpreted verbal requests, or handwritten and chat notes lacking details. Please allow a 4-hour time frame for the visit to start (2-hour time frame if you have multiple visits per day).

The duration of visits

Our  sitters will start the timer when they arrive in your building, and will stop it when they are saying good-bye to your cat at your home.


We can borrow the key from a doorman for a duration of a walk and return it back when the walk is completed. For non-doorman buildings: we require two copies of your keys. Your sitter will have one set and we will keep the other at our office in case your sitter is ill and can’t come to work, or if you request evening/weekend visits. Without 2nd set we cant guarantee a visit if your regular sitter is unavailable.

Our online platform

Please note we use for all scheduling and invoices. We will create your profile and set up your original schedule before we start visits for your cat. We ask that you make any changes through the website or DT phone app. You can also reach us via email or call us at 212-706-9560 during our office hours. We dont accept any schedule adjustments or cancelations through Groupme chat, and need 12 work hours to cancel or approve the appointments received by the email.

Our office hours

Mon – Fri
8am – 5:30pm

*We take care of the pups 24/7/365 with the prior scheduled appointments. For last minute and outside of office hours requests please use or the DT phone app, and then send us a message on Groupme, we will try our best to accommodate your requests outside of the office hours.

To give you more peace of mind

NY Tails is fully bonded and insured.

Multiple cat household

Extra $7 per additional cat.

Extra fees

$7 per visit if you schedule less than four visits.
$7 per visit starting before 9am or after 6pm, and for weekend or federal holiday visits.
$14 for visits starting before 9am or after 6pm that also fall on a federal holiday or weekend.
$10 for visits before 7am or after 10pm.
$3 for cats with special needs or aggressive behavior

Late cancellation

1) Canceling by website or the app: $8 for any services cancelled after 10pm the night before;  Full price of a visit will apply for any cancellations made within 2 hours of the scheduled time frame;. All same day cancelations and requests must must be submitted through

Canceling on the Do Timely app: swipe the appointment to the left, edit and cancel buttons will appear.

Canceling on website: click on the appointment, edit and cancel buttons will appear.

2) Canceling by emailing info@nytails.comPlease make sure to allow at least 12 work hours between your cancelation email and scheduled visit that you want to cancel to avoid late cancelation fee stated above.

Payments due

We accept credit cards, checks and cash. Payments for rendered services are due weekly if paid by credit card, and bi-monthly if paid with other methods.

Regardless of your preferred method of payment, we require the credit card info to be added to your profile as a back up.

Please note, services are subject of 8.875% NY sales tax.

To add credit card from the website: click on My Profile and then Credit Card Tab. 

To add credit card via the app: click on Credit Card on the left navigation bar.

Sitters exclusivity

Be advised that sitters performing services for NY Tails are bound by an agreement with the company, which, inter alia, prohibits them from contacting or accepting communication from clients and their personnel and/or agents, in an attempt to gain business from said clients. By submitting this application, you agree that you will not contact, directly or indirectly,  or accept non-NY Tails related communication from dog walkers performing services for NY Tails in an attempt to receive services from them directly.


By filling this form you acknowledge that you read and understood our policies and prices listed above. When we receive an application, we will assign your regular sitter based on your location and times of the visits. For any questions please dont hesitate to call or email us.

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