Our dog walkers

Every member of our team must attend an extensive educational program where they learn:


Approaching another dog while on a walk


Avoiding a potentially harmful situation


Handling food and/or accidents in the house


Being mindful and attentive of the dog’s behavior and well being


Reading and understanding a dog’s body language and behavior


Most importantly, our dog walkers share our love for pets and our commitment to our clients.

Meet Our Dog Walkers


Brazilian born Caique spent some time in Europe and Canada before settling in NYC. During his younger years, he had all sorts of dogs. Most recently, he had a golden retriever and a border collie. Now that’s a cool pair! He holds a degree in Economics and a Master’s in Corporate Finance but he set that aside for a while and is now aboard the NY Tails team.

He loves that he gets the chance to spend so much time around dogs, especially because he can’t have his own pup these days. “I always try to create a connection with the dogs I walk, I treat them like they are my own”. His relationship with the pups grows and develops more and more after each walk, which he thinks is great.


Claudia was born in Cuba, where she spent her first 24 years. Growing up, her family had a lot of pets and she was always around them, at one point they had 7 dogs, 4 cats and a turtle. She has also rescued some dogs directly off the streets and nursed them back to good health.

At 25, she moved to Argentina holding a degree in Accounting and Finance. However, once there, she decided to study Haute Couture and she’d spend the next decade living in Buenos Aires. Claudia moved to the States in 2016 to become more involved in the fashion industry and work on her English as well. Nowadays, in her off hours, Claudia works part time as an assistant to a fashion designer and takes English classes at night. She also enjoys spending time working on dresses and other designs, or making coats for her pup, Simon.


George grew up in Trenton, NJ and moved to NYC in 2013 to pursue filmmaking. He majored in Digital Film at Mercer County Community College. Prior to NY Tails he freelanced in taking care of cats. Personally, he’s owned 7 cats and 5 dogs in his lifetime and has also watched over the birth and found homes for over 20 puppies.

Currently he’s a freelance videographer on the side. George works with others to create pitches for their ideas and he also writes and shoots his own screenplays.

“I love this job because I love to see dogs and I can’t currently have any of my own. I feel joy in seeing their wagging tails every day, and also from watching all their different personalities.”


Greg’s love for dogs started at a young age when his family rescued a Greyhound pup in the small Massachusetts’s town where he grew up. Out of all his brothers, he was the one who bonded the most with the dog, taking him on walks around the neighborhood and almost everywhere else he went.

When he got older, Greg moved to NYC and he’s been here for the past 6 years. Outside NY Tails, he’s a DJ for the Midnite Monster Hop at Otto’s Shrunken Head in Manhattan, which is also part of a 30s inspired horror show that projects movies and sketches. He’s an avid record collector as well.

According to Greg, the best part of dog walking is the bond he develops with all dogs. “It’s always a joy and a good laugh with all of their unique personalities.” he says.


Lucas calls NYC home because even though he was born in Mexico, he was raised here. He graduated high school no too long ago and he hopes to continue his studies in the future. Before applying to NY Tails, Lucas had only had personal experience with his own two dogs but in the time he’s been working with the company and our team, he’s learned a lot from the training and guidance provided. In his free time, Lucas likes to relax and spend time with his family and his daughter.

He’s currently a full time NY Tails team member and he’s always eager to help.”Working with pets is the best, I simply love them!” he says. To him, the best part of his day is that great feeling of being met at the door by the pups with a loving face and absolute excitement. “You can’t help but get attached”.


Luciano is originally from Brazil and he’s been working with dogs since 2002, with almost 15 years experience in the industry. He was initially trained by and learned the job at the K-9 Club, one the first dog walking services in NYC, and spent almost 5 years working for them. Afterwards, he worked independently until early 2013, when he joined our NY Tails team. As a hobby, Luciano likes to study auto mechanics and is constantly looking for new methods of maintaining auto equipment.

Growing up around dogs and cats, he has always loved them, and he thinks it makes for a great life having the chance to live among and being able to work with them.


Originally from Ohio, Mally moved to NYC two years ago to pursue her place in the dance world! She has a BFA in Dance from Wright State University. Mally always was around dogs and cats growing up. When she got older, she started to “pet sit” if her family went out of town for the night, weekend, or week. In college, she also did some dog sitting for some of the faculty members.

On the weekends, she goes to auditions and takes classes in various styles of dance such as ballet, modern, and street styles when she can squeeze them in. She loves choreographing and it’s her single greatest hobby. Mally’s other hobbies include books, movies, music. The classic three.

“The best part about dog walking is seeing how excited all pets are when I come see them everyday”, she says. “They get so excited to see their walking buddies and/or hang out with me. It’s like I’m spending every day with my best four-legged friends!”


Manuel was born in Coruña Galicia, Spain, but his parents migrated to the Dominican Republic soon after, where he grew up. He comes from a very eclectic family of artists, writers and painters.

He graduated high school and went on to earn an Associate’s Degree in Fine Arts. Subsequently, he got a full scholarship to come to New York and study at Parsons School of Design where he obtained a BFA in Arts and Design. When he’s not walking the pups, he works as a freelancer doing illustrations and design, but also as an AR at JFK/LGA for an international vacation company.

Animals and all aspects of tending and taking care of them was a big part of his growing up since his grandfather owned a farm. He seems to have a natural kinship with them, one could say a mutual understanding. He loves that he gets to be the person who shows up and makes them happy, tending to their needs, having fun exploring their surroundings and sometimes even improving on their overall behavior.